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Water Hygiene Services

We are a leading independent provider of specialist services relating to water hygiene services and monitoring the safety of water systems and in particular the risk from exposure to Legionella bacteria. As a water hygiene services specialist, we work with various organizations assisting them in the prevention, contr, l and compliance of the risks associated with Legionella bacteria in line with the Governments Health and Safety.

Our  Services Include:

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Our water hygiene services include:

  • Chlorination

    New private water supply pipes must be commissioned before they are connected to mains water services. Water Hygiene Services Ltd can provide disinfection services and sampling of new and existing mains pipework. We can undertake partial or complete building mains disinfection prior to connection and handover as well as chlorination certificates.

  • Monitoring and Sampling

    Water Hygiene Services Ltd provide a system log book which is used to store the records of legionella control monitoring tasks carried out, this includes:

    • Weekly flushing of little-used outlets
    • Monthly temperature test results of representative outlets
    • Quarterly descaling of shower heads and spray taps
    • Annual water storage tank inspection
    • 24 monthly legionella risk assessment review
  • Tank Maintenance

    We specialise in water hygiene services such as tank re-lining for corroded tanks. Poor maintenance of a water tank can encourage bacteria to grow inside the system, such as Legionella.

    Water Hygiene Services engineers will conduct a legionella risk assessment in order to examine the water tank and identify any issues. This process involves taking a water sample from a tank which will be sent to the lab for bacteria analyzing.

    Tank maintenance includes conducting timely inspections which will help prolong the life of the water tanks. Our experienced and dedicated team have the ability and expertise to perform all of the necessary tank inspections and maintenance tasks such as:

    • safe cleaning
    • chlorination for all types and sizes of tank

    At Water Hygiene Services we use specialist cleaning equipmentand we can refill them ready for use again with minimal disruption.

  • Tank Cleaning and Desinfection

    Stored water is  open to the environment and therefore susceptible to contamination and degradation. This can allow conditions to develop which supports the growth of micro-organisms. To maintain water quality the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) recommends regular inspection of water storage tanks, calorifiers and cooling systems and to clean and disinfect them if necessary. This is very important part of water hygiene services.

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